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Masters Finals

Congratulations to the 16 bowlers who made it to this Finals competition this year. A large crowd gathered to watch the great bowling which was on display as the 16 qualifiers were finally whittled down to 2 bowlers in each division.
OPEN DIVISION - Robbie Parr (left) came in as the #1 seed and showed why as he took out Curtis Woods in 2 games, 238-214 and 259-236. Robbie lost only one game through the course of the day enroute to becoming the 2022 Masters Champion.
199- DIVISION - size isn't everything, as Joe Winter (left)(196-228-208) took out the towering presence of Kyle Bennett (199-194-183) in 3 back and forth games. Joe takes home the title of 2022 199- Masters Champion.
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