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through March 3 (official)



TEAM - Cheese Dogs (Danny Molles, Frankie Molles, David Soldavini, Casey Slate)

DOUBLES - Tom Borries/Curtis Woods

SINGLES - Paul Hager

A/E HANDICAP - Paul Hager

A/E SCRATCH - Greg Alaverdy

MASTERS 199 - Joe Winter

MASTERS OPEN - Greg Alaverdy

Second Weekend Bowlers Can't Eclipse Leaders

Josh LeBoy's 299 led the second weekend of tournament bowlers, but his stone 8 prevented him from reaching the levels set on the first weekend. The LeBoy/LeBoy duo did ride that 299 into 4th place in the Doubles event, however.

Team Cheese Dogs leapt out of the gate and never looked back, winning the Team event by 160 pins.

Likewise, the Borries/Woods pair set the pace in the first squad and held on for a 1-pin win in the Doubles event.

Paul Hager took a cue from Warren Yuers 2018 performance and handily won both the Singles event and All-Events Handicap.

Greg Alaverdy used that awesome 856 to hold off Aivaras Vilimas to win All-Events scratch.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

Three 300's, two 800's

Curtis Woods.jpg
Jason Ruys.jpg
Greg Alaverdy.jpg
From left - Curtis Woods, Jason Ruys, Greg Alaverdy

The 2019 Annual Association Open tournament opened Saturday with some exciting bowling in the Doubles/Singles event at Windsor Bowl, with each squad featuring a 300 game.

Curtis Woods opened the Doubles event on Saturday with a 300 in the third game, helping him tally an 836 series and setting a high bar for the tournament. Jason Ruys came in the next morning to shoot a 300 in game 2 of singles. Later that same day, on the same pair, Greg Alaverdy punched out a 300 in game 3 of Doubles, which followed games of 279 and 277 for an incredible 856 series.

After one weekend of bowling, team Cheese Dogs leads the pack at 3099, the duo of Tom Borries/Curtis Woods heads the Doubles event with 1664, and Paul Hager tops the Singles event with an 866.

Let's see what weekend 2 has in store!

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