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2024 Youth Championship concludes

30 youth bowlers competed for our substantial $4000+ in scholarship money. Unofficial results are in. Check here to see where you have placed. Payouts are now official.

Still to come:

SUMMER LEAGUES ARE STARTING! A lot of leagues are starting next week, and those already started are looking for bowlers. Get ye to your nearest bowling center!

The return of the Awards Banquet on September 28!

2024 Open Championship concludes

Strike Pot / Ball Raffle Winners

The 2024 CSCUSBC Open Championship (aka City Tournament) has come to an end for 2024.  No 300s or 800s shot this year, but we still witnessed some mighty fine bowling. Link here for the Open Championship page.

JJ Lewis defends his title successfully in the Masters Finals! Click here to see more.

Still to come:

2024 CSCUSBC Junior Championship (April 28)

The return of the Awards Banquet on September 28!

Veteran's Honor Tournament and Fundraiser

A big thank you to all the bowlers who contributed to this year's event! Thanks to you, we were able to raise over $6000 this year!

The signed Christian McCaffrey jersey was won by Patrick Ryan.

Go to the Events page to view the results of this year's tournament.

2023 Association Women's Championship

A rainy Sunday saw the conclusion of the 2023 Women's Championship, with Saturday's leaders Fu Long and Colleen Radin holding on to take the title!  Be sure to check the tournament page for details, including the final results. 

Thanks to all the participants this year!


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