Bowling Returns to Sonoma County

Let's hope they stay open this time.

Both centers have a full slate of summer leagues scheduled. 

The Association will put on a "Welcome Back" tournament at each center soon. Details forthcoming.

Mask mandates are still in effect. STAY SAFE!

Strike Pot / Ball Raffle Winners

New Bowling Ball Rules

Beginning August 1, 2019, only a dry towel may be used on your bowling ball during competition. NO CLEANING SOLUTION MAY BE USED - even if it says USBC approved.

COVID-19 UPDATE - due to the risk of the novel coronavirus transferring to your bowling ball, all bowlers are allowed to clean their bowling balls during competition WITH ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL ONLY. You can still not use a cleaning solution during competition.

What has NOT changed - beginning August 1, 2020, all balance holes must be plugged, and any gripping holes must be used for all deliveries. Don't wait to get these fixed, as your local pro shop will be up to their eyeballs trying to get these done by the deadline.

Download the Q&A

Covid-19 Update

This is an ongoing situation that appears to be changing hourly.  Visit BOWL.COM to learn of any news and/or recommendations that USBC is making at this time.

2020 Tournament is in the Books

All results are now official. Go to to tournament page to see final results and payout listings.

Thank you to all of this year's participants. You are what make this tournament what it is.


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